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Dance Nights 2020

Many clubs hold regular monthly dances with different MCs/DJs/organists/bands providing the music.
These are listed below in chronological order together with some special events.
Follow the links for more information.

During the on-going Covid-19 crisis please assume that
until further notice or you are definitely told otherwise.

Stay Safe Everyone!


The following list is maintained to assist with contact information only.
Even if not explicitly listed as Cancelled it is most unlikely that any of these
dances will run until well after the current Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Dance schools are beginning to re-open with strict controls and limitations but
government guidelines on social dancing are still rather vague. For example, dancehalls
and discotheques are specifically required to remain closed by law.

Why is social dancing not allowed?

Dancing is considered one of the riskier activities due to the close contact and
increased respiratory effort that may be required!
Social distancing is largely negated when dancing around the room because you are moving into
the space previously occupied by the couple in front much quicker than in a supermarket queue.

The normal 2m separation rule is based on studies of droplet dispersal and settling from a stationary subject in the middle of an empty warehouse. Droplet settling time is regarded as low enough to be ignored.
A very different result would be seen using a subject moving in the more humid and turbulent air common when dancing.
Safe distancing would possibly be more like 5m and/or 5 seconds separation.



5 - Wilby - Alan Jones (CANCELLED)
12 - Copleston - Howard & Chris (CANCELLED)
19 - Marks Tey - Ballroom Rhythms (CANCELLED)
26 - Creeting St Mary - Michael & Sylvia (CANCELLED)
26 - Hadleigh - Philip Randles (CANCELLED)


3 - Wilby - Dave Sharp (CANCELLED)
10 - Copleston - Graham Darby
24 - Marks Tey - Ballroom Rhythms (CANCELLED)
24 - Hadleigh - Teresa Brown (CANCELLED)
31 - Creeting St Mary - David Last (CANCELLED)


7 - Wilby - Howard & Chris (CANCELLED)
14 - Copleston - M&GM Music
21 - Marks Tey - Ballroom Rhythms (CANCELLED)
28 - Creeting St Mary - M&GM Music
28 - Hadleigh - Chris Booth (Dinner Dance) (CANCELLED)


5 - Wilby - Corinna Stokes (CANCELLED)
12 - Copleston - David Last
19 - Marks Tey - Ballroom Rhythms


2021 dances
will not be listed unless and until their organisers confirm the details with us.
Let us hope that will not be too far away.

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