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Everything's In Rhythm
by Larry Green

Larry's Spring 2002 release contains a good selection of sequence dance tunes including a Gavotte and an Old Time Waltz, although these are not his best tracks.

Track listing: (click the links for a RealMedia sample)

1 Quickstep Everything's in Rhythm
2 Quickstep Avalon / Love Nest
3 Foxtrot A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening / The Second Time Around
4 Foxtrot Autumn Leaves / Don't Get Around Much Anymore
5 Waltz Lovely Lady / If I Should Fall in Love Again
6 Waltz Lollipops and Roses
7 Tango Summertime in Venice / Return to Me
8 Tango Tango Espana / Poor Butterfly
9 Cha Cha Call Me / Something is Happening
10 Cha Cha It's My Party / Get Down
11 Rumba Softly in My Dreams / Querida
12 Rumba Flamingo / Serenade
13 Jive Happy Together / Travellin' Light
14 Jive Ma He's Making Eyes at Me / Pennies from Heaven
15 Mambo Fly Me to the Moon / You Always Hurt the One You Love
16 Mambo She Loves You / All My Lovin'
17 Swing Stepping Out With My Baby / So What's New
18 Swing When You Wore a Tulip / Who Were You With Last Night
19 Saunter Someday You'll Want Me to Want You / Wishing
20 Saunter We Just Couidn't Say Goodbye / Shepherd of the Hills
21 Gavotte Theme from Upstairs Downstairs
22 Swing Five Foot Two Eyes of Blue / You Are My Sunshine
23 O/T Waltz Eton Boating Song


Maestro CDTS 107

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